Moon In Cancer: Are You My Mother?

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
Moon in Cancer!

I got a phone call today in the nick of time. I had been fretting. You know how that is? When your mind is going round and round and your Cancer Sun buddy calls? Not the gym buddy that I wrote about in the previous post. This was my ex-boyfriend. We’re friends. We chat. Have dinner once in a while. Cancer peeps always have that daddy/momma thing going on and it can be hard to separate even if the romantic part is no longer.

And then I remembered that the Moon was in Cancer.

And then later on in the day I was emailing with a Cancer Moon client.

So, people, watch where the Moon is each day so you can work with the cycle. Notice what happens and how you feel. Will Cancer Suns and Moons show up in your life when the Moon is in Cancer? 

And that Cancer Moon energy is going to attack you more sensitive types with its claws and attack you less sensitive types with its cooties.

Stomach aches, tears, defensiveness, clinging, mood swings, lunacy! Love! Love! Love!

Today was my first day at the gym and I moved that Cancer energy. At first the treadmill was my momma and then after work I vacuumed the apartment and the vacuum was my momma and when the Moon is in Cancer, you must find your momma. Give and get support. Take care. Take good care.

Rely interdependently on. 

And I was on my way home as I was writing this blog post, still under the Cancer Moon, not yet conjunct my Cancer Stellium and as I told this gal that I was writing to: just you wait! The Moon will enter Leo soon!

Soon we’ll all sparkle again as the Moon in Leo trines Uranus in Aries and then Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius.

But for the moment try to become the Moon in Cancer. Hug someone. Don’t let them go.

Got water? 

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