Hooray for Moon in Aries!

And now the Moon is safely tucked away in Aries 😉  Yeah, I know, it’s kinda funny to say that, but I’m just glad we’re out of that Pisces void-of-course Moon and onwards, fire, onwards. Back to the beginning, zodiac-style. And, no, I’m not going to mention the New Moon Eclipse in Gemini, nope!

Do you know anyone with the Moon in Aries? I’ve got a good friend with this placement. Moon and Mars in Aries and a Cancer Sun. Nurturing, yet… always kind of on to the next thing. Has a bit of a “got to go” quality and when he’s done? He’s done.

The Moon is our feelings, so I have to ask: how do you FEEL about the Moon in Aries? 🙂

Note to self: write post on Sagittarius/Cancer compatibility, which has nothing to do with this post, but is on my mind

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