Moon In Aries: This House Is Strong

"moon in aries"

The Moon in quickdraw Aries sextiled Venus and squared Mercury and what do you think that felt like?

I was sleeping so it could be why I woke up kinda grouchy and blah/grrr (that’s a technical term, by the way, blah/grrr for “wrong side of the bed kinda sorta”).

I know the sextile was nice but the square to Mercury? Definitely barking.

Good news is the Moon will sextile the Sun today so HARMONY will be yours.

Annoying co-workers got you down? Husband (or wife) forgot to take out the trash? Well, Moon sextile Sun in Gemini will probably make you not care as much! I’ll take it!


So funny. I am editing this post now. I wrote it before I had my coffee and had one of the aspects wrong. I was writing as though the Moon was going to be sextiling Saturn when actually she will be OPPOSING Saturn: big difference!

Basically the foundation is there. You just have to build the house is what I originally wrote and that thought still stands. Just know that you can’t get it all done today 😉 You may fight with yourself about which tools. And Saturn may make you feel like your feelings aren’t worth considering but with Moon in Aries? Assert!

Love, MP

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