Moon In Aquarius: Gut Health

We want things to work out. And often we’re in a hurry. We need that tense situation inside to calm down. We want the answer. We want it settled. We want what we want.

Trust your instincts is my advice. Whether it’s your gut or your guides. They/it will not let you down.

For me it’s a feeling that I get. Just a feeling. Split-second feeling-knowledgeAnd I KNOW. 

Sometimes I feel this certainty in my body. I think by that time… it’s because I’ve moved forward with the wrong plan and my body is warning me. The feeling-knowledge comes first and then a split second later I give it a word or a name. Often that word or name is “No.”

I’ve also learned that usually the first inner response is the right one. The more you hem and haw and weigh it, the more rumination comes in which is the opposite of intuition. Intuition is not rumination. Intuition happens in a flash.

The Moon is in Aquarius today and Moon in Aquarius is very intuitive, in my humble opinion 🙂 but they are also nervous. They may not trust their  perceptions so easily. Also, what we wish for (unstoppable amazing perfection and success in every way) is, well, not always the reality. So we DO trust our gut, but then we reject it.

Gut health. That’s what this is all about. Your digestion 🙂 and I do mean the food you absorb i.e. the energy you put into your mouth/your life and how you understand it. Whether you listen to it.

Today’s aspects are a perfect example of how your intuition often works. You get the scoop, perfectly: the Moon in Aquarius will trine Jupiter. Information, prophecy, flowing. But then the Moon in Aquarius squares Saturn: enter doubt.

What’s your experience? 

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