Moon Conjunct Saturn: The Stars Today!

"moon conjunct saturn"
Moon in Libra: Burt Reynolds!

Right now the Moon in Libra is conjunct Saturn in Libra. Separating from the conjunction. It’s a quickie, don’t worry, and it’s the Moon that’s doing the conjuncting here. So it’s your feelings, your body, yo Mama (The Moon = Cancer = the Mother) that’s coming along to sit on big bad Saturn 😉

But the thing is this (don’t you love that phrase?): Libra is nice. Yeah yeah yeah they like to show you the other side, slap you with it really, argue, play devil’s advocate, but they are an Aries (i.e. controlling, dominating) who’s gone to charm school. Polite. Graceful. Pleasant. Funny! Pretty. Sweet! The essence of blond, whether or not they are blond.

So here comes the Moon in Blond coming along to shake hands with a Malefic. Ew. Think she likes that? Not so much. Think he likes that? Oh yes. Saturn wants us to.. Grow Up Already!

But the Moon in Libra is a match for Saturn. Saturn in any sign. Why? Because the Moon in Libra is the Mother (Moon/Cancer) and the Ingenue (Venus/Libra) put together. And that’s hot (well, for me, that’s hot). And she can… soften Saturn in this case. She can… seduce Saturn. She’s the Yin to his Yang (even though Libra IS Yang). She can do her thing. She can dance, she can sing, she’s LIBRA!

And, what’s more, she’ll talk to the guy! Libra is social and Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) can be so damn taciturn, reserved. This is a good thing. Really.

So please don’t worry about this transiting Moon hanging out with S. I know, I know she squared Pluto, she squared Uranus, but distant memories are they, for now.

And yeah she’s squaring Mars in Cancer at the moment but what that says to me is… if you go to Ikea with your wife (or your husband), let them WIN.

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