Oy Vey! Moon Conjunct Saturn In Libra

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
the antidote to Moon conjunct Saturn

Oh no wonder. Was feeling kind of low and then Hnybr in the comments also mentioned feeling low and wondering what was up with the sky!

Well, the delicate Moon is slamming into Saturn, folks! That’s right. The Moon is in Libra. Saturn is in Libra. The Moon is applying in conjunction to Saturn. And Moon and Saturn together is… squaring my Cancer stellium!

But generally speaking, Moon-Saturn together are not a happy couple. Who wants Saturn’s hard-driving work-ethic, delays, and denials all over their feelings, their home, their Mom! It’s too cold, too hard, too strict, too much.

So much for sweet, charming, affable Moon in Libra 😉

Venus is at 29 Capricorn, squaring this Libra twosome which may be making you feel unloved, unloveable, cold, hard, strict. You late-degrees Aries peeps are probably feeling this Moon transit prOfoundly.

Don’t worry though. The Moon moves fast, just like our moods. The next Moon, the Scorpio Moon will please some and annoy others, but at least won’t be holding hand with Saturn the Tester!

How’s your mood? 

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