Moon Conjunct Pluto: Fusion

"moon conjunct pluto"The other day someone was asking me about Moon conjunct Pluto. A little one in her life has this aspect and she wanted my feedback on what to do or how to approach or what to expect and she found the wisdom available on the net a little gloomy.

Right away I told her that Moon conjunct PlutoΒ generates emotional intensity, yes, but also emotional scope, and creative release is necessary. Did the child have any artistic talent or desire? Encourage it!

Now the sign that this Moon and Pluto are in is a freer, looser Moon and Pluto than mine. That in and of itself will be helpful πŸ™‚

Another crucial point: a Moon Pluto person is fused to the Mother. Remember, conjunctions cannot be separated. They are closer than lovers. They breathe the same air. Makes you think of synastry, doesn’t it? Remember synastry isn’t just for romance!

When the little one grows up, I said to her, in 20, 30, 40 years, he will still be as fused to you as he is now.

And then this morning I thought of something else: emotional bravery. Β It takes courageΒ to go that deep, to get that far in, fearless, against all reason.

Next time we’ll talk about emotional healing. Pluto rules healers and healing and that’s part of the meaning of the conjunction as well.

What is your Moon attached to?Β 

Love, MP

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