Moon Conjunct Mercury In Pisces: The Dreaming

I’m a little behind with my forecasting. I’ve got a lot on my mind but the days have been busy and then this evening on the message board I had this R.W.I. (really weird idea).

A few months ago, one of the gals on the message board (the “room”) talked about being interested in meeting, hanging out, a MoonPlutoLand retreat 🙂  and I didn’t think I’d be up for that, wanting to keep some kind of formality and distance even though I can be quite personal on the message board as well — but my trip out West changed me. I want to travel. But anything I do must have a purpose holding it up.

And I had this thought — the idea of something that gets handed off, from person to person i.e. the people in this group. That I would travel to see so and so. And then so and so would travel to see so and so. And so on. Until this precious thing finally went across the water to our one English rose 🙂 (the rest of us are here in the U.S.).

And I wondered what the thing would be. A deck of Tarot cards? I’m not really a crystal person but that would be cool because crystals hold and give energy. Being a spiritual courier. And right now I’m thinking hmm… maybe it’s something that I create and I seal and no one knows what it is. Could we handle that? That level of mystery? Could we handle making that much effort, TRAVEL, for mystery? Or would I be the one making all these trips? Hmm. I suppose we’ll have to discuss this. Who has the funds and the ability and the desire to make even short trips.

Or will this stay in the mind only?

And then, of course, to write about it. We (writers) LIVE in order to write about it. I think some version of my idea HAS to happen.

The other day I was on the phone with a friend telling him that I felt I had no spiritual community these days, not in person anyway. Even my local meditation group no longer exists. And he reminded me that I run one. I’m doing the meditation group again and I keep that message board/room going. These are spiritual places. All the time.

Let me introduce the April/May eclipses to you. Briefly. The first one will be in Scorpio at 5 degrees (almost 6 degrees, I think. I don’t have my book in front of me).

The second one will be in Taurus at 19 degrees. I’m assuming some of my travel fever is because this is my 3rd House/9th House axis.

The first one: Full Moon Lunar.

Second one: New Moon Solar.

The first one: shine a light on what’s been hidden.

Second one: this feels like THE big one. That the Full Moon is a quiet, not so shocking end or revelation and the Solar Eclipse is your new life, what’s going to keep happening. It’s where you’re going. Where you want to go 🙂

Have you charted the eclipses already? 

Love, MP


I’m thinking about starting a new private message board. The topic? LOVE, sex, relationships, intimacy, synastry, compatibility, all of this as it relates to astrology and tarot.

This board would not be a “class,” but an open discussion group. Anyone can start a thread. 

If this interests you, send me an email. These are paid spaces since it takes time and energy to maintain and also I participate. If enough people are interested, we’ll do it!

I’d want at least 10 to begin. This group would go month to month (at first) and last for as long as people are into it.

Any board I run is a safe, private, supportive space to talk about our personal lives (if you feel comfortable) and all the mystical-spiritual-occult stuff we love so much 🙂


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