Moon Alert! The Moon Is Still In Cancer! (Part Deux!)

"moon pluto"

The Moon is conjunct my Sun in Cancer right now and ha ha ha Saturn! The Moon may be approaching YOU but you are one degree off of (sorry for the awkward sentence construction) squaring my Sun.

So go on now, fuck with my Mercury, make my words hurt. Crash into my Mars, make me fall down, just leave my SUN alone.  Done.

You know what the Sun is? It’s WHO YOU ARE. Self, ego, identity, spirit, will, essence, you.  It’s the you who goes to sleep, the you who wakes up. The you who eats and shits and screws and loves and HATES and fails and fails and fails and fails and fails and fails and fails and… finally gets it right 🙂

So here’s the question: how do you get anything right when Saturn (hello Capricorn!) is squaring your Cancer Sun?

So here’s the answer: YOU WORK. You work on your self ego identity spirit will essence you.

And then Saturn comes along and says: let me take something else from you. Let me take this and this and this. How do you feel now? It’s the big squeeze, right? Not that Saturn asks how you feel. He doesn’t ask questions.

Capricorn is here to show Cancer the way to work and Aries is here to make Cancer brave and Libra is here to make Cancer think about someone else.

But you can replace Cancer with any sign, with your sign. Look to the signs that square and oppose you to find your way. Got it? We can talk about this more tomorrow 🙂

How’s Saturn treating you these days? 

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