Moon Alert! The Moon Is In Scorpio!

"moon in scorpio"
Warren Beatty (Scorpio Moon) and Faye Dunaway. (Leo Moon)

It’s that time again, folks. Scorpio Moon time. Do you feel it? I’ve had some encounters with Scorpio Moons lately. The lower side of the Scorpio Moon, shall we say. Although I also know some stunners with this placement so… no trash talking here. Let’s just say that Scorpio Moons can go to extremes and you’ll find extreme peeps with this placement: the good, the bad, the fugly.

I knew a gal once with Scorpio Moon square Pluto. She was a protective lioness to her brood and a sadistic nemesis to her enemies. She was capable of both. The highest levels of loyalty and devotion and sacrifice and the lowest levels of cruelty. I shudder when I remember her.

Oh the high side though is someone like Lupa, my Tarot reader. She is one of those still-waters-run-deep gals. Her Gemini Sun can’t disguise what she’s got inside, a 12th House Moon trine Venus Cancer.

And you? What’s your experience of Scorpio Moon

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