Moon Alert: the Moon is in Cancer!

Last night, I was MoonPluto-ing all over my boyfriend and he told me I’d be feeling kind of fretful for a couple days and not to worry. Which reminded me that the Moon is in Cancer! And right now conjunct my Sun. What is there to say about the Moon in Cancer that hasn’t already been said?

But let me say this: the thing I’m digging right now about Moon in Cancer people is the way they… don’t put all their cards on the table. The reserve they have. And then you find out later some sweet thing they are doing, or have done, some sentimental thing like… (Redacted)

Cancer, as you know, is tender, vulnerable, sentimental, clingy. Like a too tight dress, I love clingy and I’m glad not everyone does. Less competition for the barnacled ones 🙂

I hope you can enjoy this moon today, curl up with some food. And some food. And some more food. And then maybe a snack 😉

Famous last words: yes, I’d like some more please

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