Moon Alert: The Moon in Leo!

Not yet, but soon! And I’m ready. I’ve got my roar, I’ve got my mane, Leo is the King of the Zodiac! Or the Queen 🙂 Do you have a Leo in your life? Do they shine like the Sun? Leo and the Sun go together like… cats on counter tops!

Leo, above all, needs to be appreciated. My roommate corrected me once. She said, no, they need to be admired. When a Leo does something for you? Thank them. Many times. They need to know! I love the playfulness of Leo, their bounce, and they really do light up a room. I can even forgive their hearty boasting because the rewards are so soft and furry! But don’t tell them I said that 🙂 Best not to belittle a Leo. They are proud cats.

A reader on the blog commented last week that her Venus in Leo daughter was always getting mad at her because she always expected the Royal Treatment. Anything less and she’d get in a snit. I thought this was a great observation and I’m sure her daughter isn’t the only one. But can you blame them? Can you blame the Leos? Of course not! They are the kings and the queens, the suns, the centers, the world!

Leo is also your love, your fullness of heart. Look in your chart and find your Leo house, find where your heart will be touched while the Moon is in Leo.

For me? It’s my 12th, which is kind of a weird place for Leo, the 12th being hidden, secret. All that light shining in the dark, you need very special eyes to see it at all.

Impromptu prayer: today I will do my best to be warm, to be generous, not to roar too loudly.

Note to self: the mane! Don’t forget the mane!

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