Moon Alert! New Moon In Virgo, August 28th

"new moon in virgo"
Keith Richards: Virgo Moon

What did you learn? Do you ever ask yourself this question?

Say you worked at a job for 10 years and it had its ups and downs and the steady money kept you from becoming homeless but you weren’t exactly happy and then something new is born in your life and you move on. What did you learn all those years?

We can’t have a New Moon in Virgo without thinking about what Virgo means and what the 6th House means: work, health, details, service, daily routines, daily maintenance, process, the harvest. And we can’t think about health without thinking about the body and how, and whether, it functions.

If you go deep into Virgo, what do you discover? It’s the same as going deep into your daily life.

Or think of it this way: ask yourself: what is your day to day life filled with? Is it what you want? Do you want to change it? Virgo is in the details. Virgo analyzes the details. She picks. She chooses. Small movements. Is the plum ripe? Or is the peach ripe? What about the nectarine? Still in season? Is it rotting? Or is it perfect? And how many should you buy? If you want change, you can do it, little by little, like a Virgo, piece by piece.

Think about the choices that you make and how you make them. Do you use your mind? Virgo does and Virgo Season will ask this of you, like a favor. So… are you ready?

Our CoverDude, Keith, has a Virgo Moon and a Sagittarius Sun 🙂

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