Moon Alert! Moon in Virgo

No no, not yet! The Moon is still in Leo (sigh of relief). We’re not there yet. And where is there? In Virgoland! In hair-splitting, critical, pick-it-all-apart Virgoland! But wait! Moon in Virgo does not suck. Repeat after me: Moon in Virgo

Here are some good things to do when the Moon is in Virgo: make a list, clean the bathroom, make another list, count your calories, pet your cat, make a doctor’s appointment, show up on time, show up an hour and a half early, overthink, overanalyze, criticize someone, criticize yourself, make a list, cha-cha-cha.

All silliness aside, the quality I love most about Virgo, Sun or Moon, is their refinement. Virgos dislike… the disgusting, the gross, the repulsive display of… disgusting, gross and repulsive things. Now, many Virgos may have Scorpio or heavy Pluto in their charts and these types may fail to be squeamish when faced with the disgusting, the gross, and the repulsive and YET any Virgo worth their salt… will turn away, for example, upon seeing a loved one, for example, make a fool of him or herself. Virgo is nothing if not dignified and wants everyone around him or her to participate in this dignity.

We are human, says the Virgo. We are clean, says the Virgo. And I mean this metaphorically. Even if a Virgo has a sloppy side, a very sloppy side, they want their mind clean, by which I mean they want their mind ORDERLY. And what could be less orderly than a display of something disgusting, gross, and repulsive πŸ™‚

More than once my Virgo Moon has been, yes, offended by… well… Never mind. I can’t say the words. It was lewd though. Yes, it was lewd. Remember the Church Lady from SNL? Virgo Moon, right?

And this isn’t to say that Virgo is prissy or repressed. Instead, Virgo epitomizes the qualities we should aspire to, which I’ve already mentioned, and which I have demonstrated here πŸ˜‰

Thank you, Moon in Virgo. You turn the world on with your shy smile.

Note to self: no Virgos were hurt during the writing of this blog post

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