Moon Alert! Moon in Pisces!

"Kim Kardashian"
Kim Kardashian has Moon in Pisces

There’s somewhere I have to be but I’m staying put for the moment because the rain is so heavy. Perfect for the Moon in Pisces but not perfect for leaving the house.

How do you feel about Pisces, Sun or Moon? Do you have Pisces people in your life? How are they different from our other Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio. Do you have a favorite?

My experience with Pisces is that they have an edge, which is due to their proximity to Aquarius and Aries, and often, although not always, having personal planets in those signs. I have also seen kind Pisces, so giving, Pisces who will give the homeless guy dollars and dinner. And then Pisces/Leo people who need applause for the sacrifice ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nothing against Pisces. Just a complex sign. Deep, hard to fathom, mysterious and surrounded by Yang. How does sweet Pisces survive all that Yang? Pisces does or doesn’t, so it seems, and the succumbing is a danger for sure.

Pisces is Neptune is the 12th House so there’s a sense of… being swept away, tidal-waved, by whatever your poison, be it service or… other stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

I knew a Pisces once with a Capricorn Moon, Venus in Aries, Mars in Scorpio. Was just a friend but we had great synastry, sympathy. She cheerleaded, pep-talked me. She was the one, actually, who predicted that I’d be reading charts, when I was just a student and was sure that I couldn’t, wouldn’t. I don’t think I ever saw her deepest self. That Capricorn Moon kept me out to some degree but I know she opened up to me more than anyone. Who else in her circle would listen to her childhood traumas, stuff she hadn’t completely gotten over, residue from the past, so many stories. Our Sun trine made her feel at home. Interesting too because she was, is… 20 years older than me, Jamaican. Totally different backgrounds and life experience and yet such compatibility. A deeply spiritual person. I loved giving to her, listening to her. Her Capricorn Moon never asked for it, but her Pisces Sun inspired it in me.

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