Moon Alert! Moon In Cappy Cap Cap Capricorn!

"mars in leo"
are you strong enough?

Good Morning Star Gazers!

Now, I can’t let the Moon conjunct Pluto *in the sky* without taking note, right? I wouldn’t be a Moon Pluto myself if I didn’t *notice* and *welcome* it!

What does this mean? Well, if you follow any astrology at all, then you know Pluto is in Capricorn and went direct last month (which is a good thing).

Which reminds me: Happy October everyone! It’s starting to get nice and cool in the Big City 🙂

But back to the Moon! The Moon is in Capricorn and will conjunct Pluto in *some* house of yours in your natal wheel. Which one is it?

And the Cap Moon of course will literally follow, trace, the aspects that Pluto is making and then move beyond them i.e. Pluto moves slow and the Moon moves fast so… the Moon is going to be squaring everything in Libra, for example, one by one. It reminds me of Virgo: we can cross each square off the list as the Moon passes by…

So look in your chart for where you have Capricorn because the Moon will be hanging out there too. Will you be feeling more… emotional? Maybe. Maybe not. Moon in Capricorn is a duty duty duty duty-bound reserved Moon, probably too busy to emote, even at 8:25 in the morning, Big City time 🙂

But still! The Moon’s visit to your Capricorn house means she’s *lighting up* that house. The issues of that house are BRIGHT right now.

My favorite thing about this Moon though is the trine she’s going to make to Jupiter in Taurus so I am hoping this transit will bring you some good (Jupiter) feeling (Moon) and that you feel solid (earth) as you go about your day.

You know what? I feel like pulling a Tarot card… shuffling shuffling shuffling shuffling….

Ah beautiful! The Strength card: one of my favorites and purrfect for transiting Mars in Leo so here’s my prayer for you today: that whatever you’ve got planned or… unplanned (the Moon is squaring Uranus right now) may you face it all with grace and fortitude like the lady in the card above.

She has the infinity symbol above her head, her dress is Libra-fine, and her beastly furry companion is… no trouble at all.  She can handle it.  And so can you.

How are you handling your life these days? 

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