Moon Alert! Moon In Cancer!

"moon pluto"
Surprise! Mike Tyson: Cancer Sun!

I woke up feeling nervous this morning, pensive, so I decided to see where the Moon was, also remembering that Venus is still dancing with the big boys, the outer planets. Needed to doublecheck.

And yes! Right on time. Shape-shifting Moon in Cancer is at 9 degrees. Now, she’s past squaring transiting Uranus and she’s past opposing transiting Pluto but she’s heading headlong into squaring transiting Saturn (and one degree past her Venus square). Ouch Moon in Cancer ouch.

Yesterday I was telling someone that I “felt no dread” about the Cancer Sun doing her business like this and then what happens? I wake up feeling dread!

My progressed Venus is at 8 degrees so that’s a little extra somethin’ in the love-department, a little extra tension. Or loss (Pluto) or loss (Saturn) or loss (Uranus).

Being trapped in the cardinal cross hairs makes Cancer Moon feel like hiding. If you are waiting on news from a Crabby buddy, you may wait until tomorrow.

As I approach the new day though, I want to leave behind the painful confusion of sleep and walk towards a better feeling. The day is young (in the Big City anyway). Anything can happen. Anything good. A life can change in an instant.

Jupiter (which is sextiling Moon in Cancer) is trining my Ascendent these days; I got a little extra positivity in my body (1st House). So let Jupiter (yes, even retrograde) reverse/retrograde any negative feeling you’re feeling from today’s Moon. Got it?

Is the Cancer Moon affecting you? 

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