Moon Alert: Moon in Aries!

"moon pluto"
Sun and Moon in Aries: Marlon Brando

I feel like the Full Moon in Pisces really did seal some stuff for me. That 8 of Cups from the Tarot Deck, the shadowy figure leaving leaving leaving.

Do you feel the same? How do you feel?  New cycle? Sudden peace?

The Moon (feelings) is conjunct Uranus (electric) right now and my progressed Moon is involved. Maybe that’s the sudden feeling. And the peace? Don’t make me start talking about hormones 😉 because I could go on and on and on.

And when I say “sealed” I mean it in a good way. The right door closes. The Page of Cups from the Tarot: new emotional attitudes.

Later today the Moon will square Pluto but don’t let that scare you. I almost wrote “don’t let that square you.” Maybe you’ll want to hold back and the square will make you think twice about what you’re feeling. Trust your instincts anyway. Comfort yourself by the fire of the Aries Moon.

I sometimes talk about my ex-boyfriend on here, the one with Moon and Mars in Aries. His love for motorcycles, for example. I wrote a short play about it, how he loved those bikes more than me. How cynical I was… but still!

Aries may seem too bold for you sensitive types or maybe it’s just what you need. Hitch a ride on the back of the bike. Or take the wheel yourself. The road is yours. Just hold on tight 🙂

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