Moon Alert! Moon (almost) In Sagittarius!

"moon in sagittarius"
Gary Oldman as Beethoven who had Moon in Sagittarius

I’m under the weather 🙁  just in time for friendly, fun-loving, flirtatious Moon in Sagittarius!

Well, almost. The Moon in Scorpio is at 27 degrees and it won’t be long now.

This Moon transition is the one I ALWAYS feel: from the bottom to the top, eh? From introverted Scorpio to extroverted Sag. From the 8th to the 9th! From the bedroom to the world! They say that each sign improves upon the one that came before. What do you think about that, hmm? 

Best news for this Moon: it will trine Mars in Leo and trine Uranus in Aries = a Grand Trine! In fire!

You may feel very inspired. And creative. And energetic. And HOT. This may not be the time for follow-through or plan-making. Lots of fire in the sky or in the chart can make us excited to be alive but… also make us forget to buy the half and half, and we all know that coffee is very VERY important 😉

Oh, and while the Moon is in Sagittarius, be careful not to piss off your sensitive Virgo friends. Or your sensitive Pisces friends. Now your Gemini friends may not even notice you trying to piss them off so… no worries there 🙂 (Right, Gems?)

I’m keeping this short tonight because I need to rest my brain. Wishing y’all a good night. Talk to me in the comments; tell me how you’re doing.

Which do you prefer? Moon in Scorpio? Or Moon in Sagittarius? 

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