Moon Alert! Full Moon In Capricorn

"Moon in Capricorn"
Capricorn: David Bowie

Yup, the Full Moon will bloom in the sky later this week in sturdy steady Capricorn. I’m calling it the Hold Steady Moon. The Make No Sudden Moves Moon.

Even when, IF, you feel like your world is crumbling, well, you could be wrong. You could be mis-reading the signs. You could be having a Neptune Moment: confusion, illusion, delusion. What is the lie? What is the truth? The Full Moon in Capricorn will reveal it, as Full Moons tend to do, but after you receive the 411, then what? Hold Steady. Hold Steady. Hold Steady. And Rock Steady if you have to. But make no sudden moves. Commit (Saturn) to the wait, to the time, to the revelation. Be Bowie drinking coffee in the cold on the mountain in The Man Who Fell To Earth.

And once you know? Once you know for sure?Β Once all has been revealed, and the truth comes out, and you have no choice, and the decision is clear, and the road is open, and the path is yours, and even if it hurts? You do it and you don’t look back.Β 

Where will the Full Moon fall in your chart? In what house? Making what aspects? Tell us in the comments!

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