Moon Alert! Full Moon in Aquarius! (Part 2)

"full moon in aquarius"
My favorite Moon in Aquarius

Well well well. I just had a revelation. With a capital R. And this is a Happy Blog Post even though it’s about feeling depressed because it is true that I, MoonPluto, have been a bit depressed lately but BINGO I figured out why. And not on my walk to the store to buy summer fruits and lettuce and soymilk and an avocado but on my way home from the store? Or did I realize it once I was back. I don’t know. I’ve lost track. All I know is that I FEEL BETTER NOW.

See, something was getting me down and I thought it was free-form, floating, God knows what, hormones, fate, my chart, half a Ritter chocolate bar the other day BUT NO. There was a reason. I found the reason. Insight came and we all known those flashes of insight are often the work of Uranus and guess what? Tomorrow is the Aquarius Full Moon and Uranus (and Saturn) rule Aquarius and the Full Moon is taking place in my 6th House of daily routines, opposing my Venus, my Planet Du Love. And I haven’t checked the degrees but I wouldn’t be surprised if right now the Moon is trining my natal Uranus.

So, my question for you is: Where will you be having your Full Moon? And if you answered this already, feel free to answer again. I don’t mind! Full Moons illuminate! Full Moons are BIG. Big lights in the sky! And the knowledge or the outcome that the Full Moon presents to you may not be what you expect (remember, wildcard Uranus is involved here) but I believe it will be WORTH IT, especially if you gain understanding, insight, an aha moment, if it gets you out of your depression or… whatever’s got you by the throat.

Uranus breaks stuff down. Saturn builds stuff up. Old forms. New forms. We need both and Aquarius has both and can show us the way.

So? Well? What is breaking down in your life? What is building up? Becoming stronger? See how these two forces work together? Painful though it is. And it is.

And with Uranus (intuition) being the higher octave of Mercury (says Isabel Hickey) I encourage you to think about this Full Moon.

And you know what? Without this revelation? I would not have enjoyed my weekend. NOW I can enjoy my weekend. Now I am going to eat some seaweed, and delight in the cats, and enjoy my complete day off tomorrow because the weight the weight the weight the weight has been lifted.

A prayer: Dear Full Moon, Thank you for showing me the light.

(PS When in doubt, go for a walk. Even a short one.)

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