Moon Alert! A New Moon in Leo Quiz!

"new moon in leo"
New Moon in Leo!

New Moons are times of… ???

A New Moon in the sign of Leo could represent... ???

The New Moon in Leo is taking place in which House of your Natal Chart… ???

How I’m feeling: New Moons are hopeful times. The New Moon is before what you wanted to happen didn’t not happen 😉 You have faith on a New Moon. You make a plan because you still believe something is possible. You feel young on a New Moon, you feel beginning. Potential. Planting. Seeds. Ideas. Imagining. Maybe.

And in Leo? Leo is bold and brave, courageous and proud, unique, expressive. Leo IS the Sun, warm generous light.

Put it all together and you get... ??? Something fresh, big, bright, like a jumbo-sized present Christmas morning (not that I know anything about Christmas morning but you get the idea 😉

Go on, you know want to. Break out the ears and the tail and the fur and the teeth and the big yawn and the craving for meat (or tofu!)  and the cubs and the den and the other liony things and ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR in honor of the New Leo Moon 🙂

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