Moon Pluto People And The Gemini Moon

"Moon pluto conjunction"

As the hours passed today and I felt a bit lighter and my foot less swollen, I wondered if the Moon had magically entered Gemini already, had skipped the late Taurus degrees because there had to be a reason for this feeling, right?

As if a Moon in the 1st House person (me) and Cancer Sun (yep, me) ever needs a reason for the mood around the corner. Nope! They come and they go.

The Moon is still safely tucked in the sign of the good cheese, Taurus 🙂 And as the Venus Mars opposition gets closer and closer… is it a kiss?? Well? Is it? Venus is in the house and Mars is knocking on the door. Or ringing the doorbell and running away. It could go either way. Mars is still Mars but Mars is in Virgo! AND Retrograde. Funny warrior, he. More likely to kill the enemy with a blade of criticism.

Moon Pluto people (and I speak of my conjunction here but I’m sure others can relate) spend much of their lives learning emotional regulation. Learning grown-up skills. Do we ever get there? My Moon in Virgo never stops trying.

Isabel Hickey talks about surrendering to Pluto transits. Lowering the intensity. And I think she’s right. And that it also applies to our natal Pluto.

Which brings me back to my favorite topic these days: Mars retrograde being more High Priestess than Magician — not that we don’t need to act but we also need to listen.

So even though the Gemini Moon will square my Virgo Moon, it’s lighter Mercury, don’t you think? Restless is the key word they often use, meaning: that Gemini Moon DON’T STAY DOWN!

Remember: squares not only show us what we’re doing wrong, so to speak, but what we can add in. Like a BIG CAKE says the sweet Taurus Moon.



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