Money Is Spiritual And The 2nd House/8th House Axis

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2nd house/8th house

I think a lot about money. I think a lot about money because I am looking for it. This topic is complex and, I think, taboo.

I have Jupiter in my 2nd House. Money feels good to me. This probably sounds strange to say, but why not say it. I like the way it feels in my hands. I’m a Cancer. I’m all about SECURITY. It’s not materialism (I own very very little) it’s the IDEA of having something if… God forbid calamity happens etc etc etc and calamity does happen, from small to not so small.

Money is support, like friendship: there for you when crisis comes.

I also think about money because I *come from* a place of lack and not having and I’ve begun to focus on living my chart more which includes more money.

Money is energy, it’s what we exchange: this for that. Very 8th House, eh? 

And that where Jupiter is in our charts is where we find pleasure, perhaps EVEN MORE than Venus. Jupiter in our charts is where we want to be big; it’s where we are big.

I asked an astrologer friend not long ago: hey, I have Jupiter in the 2nd house …. where’s the money? He mumbled something about not reaching my potential yet and truth is…. before I even asked him that question… this was back in…. the winter of last year I decided to commit to making money (instead of making art), to taking control of my finances… instead of feeling powerless, helpless, which is how I’ve felt since… well… for a pretty long time. Hello Saturn transit through my second house!

But making money is no less creative than writing a book or painting a painting — it’s the same urge, the same instinct: making something out of NOTHING.

2nd House: what we earn, what we value, possessions. 8th House: famously known as other people’s money, also that which we share most intimately, like sex. Inheritance, legacy. Taxes. There’s an exchange whereas the 2nd House is more about MINE and ME. I OWN.

I once counseled a woman with Chiron in her 2nd that she needed to BUY and SPEND on herself  — for her own good!

For my chart, money is a spiritual pursuit. Why? How? Because when I work on making it, I am living my chart and when any of us try to live our chart to the highest… we engage the highest parts of ourselves, which is especially connected to Spirit. Also my Jupiter sextiles, exactly, my Venus in the 12th House which is not only the house of restriction but the house of compassion for those restricted.

What are your thoughts on money? What did your family teach you? Got planets in the 2nd/8th? 


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