Monday Night Astrology

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There were so many different posts that I wanted to write this evening.

Got one brewing about natal Pluto in the 10th. Got a couple good friends with this aspect. Power struggle and crisis at work. They get accused of stuff they’d never EVER do.

And I also wanted to write about how I used to write on my Blackberry but now that I’m without a Blackberry, I carry around a little notebook. That post was about my Virgo Moon writing process. I love to write about writing.

And then there’s transiting Pluto and Jupiter and Mars heading to make real nice in the sky — Grand Trine in earth.

And then there’s Rescue Me and wanting to make up an imaginary chart for Tommy Gavin.

And there’s the Taurus Moon and food ๐Ÿ™‚

But the truth is it’s been a hell of a day. Not a bad day. An intense day.

I was writing about changes earlier today and I realize it’s not just changes. It’s… ย reversals. You think it’s one way but the truth is obscured. The truth comes out and BAM!

What rules reversals in astrology? Uranus!

My astrology mind isn’t working at the moment. I look at the planets right now, the degrees, and I’m not pulling it together. Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Taurus Moon, Venus in Aries, Mars in Virgo…

All I know is that… right now, this moment, everything is different than it was… earlier today or yesterday or the day before.

Clarity has broken through the veil of Pisces. Clarity that I wasn’t even seeking.

But some… things (is that the right word?) some things, some events, some people, some stories must be told IN YOUR LIFE and no matter how much you try to stop it or how much other people try to stop it no matter how much your old bullshit tries to stop it, what is meant to be yours will be yours and God will keep putting it in your path. Because it is yours. ย And it has a life of its own.

What planet is that, hmm? What transit?

All of them.


Yes I do readings! Astrology and Tarot and at this very moment I swear I can see through this wall in front of me but… that’s probably the coffee talking


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