Monday Night Astrology: What’s Your Life Purpose?

"moon in sagittarius"

I did a face to face reading today! It’s been a while.

Most of my Astrology and Tarot Readings are by email and recently I started doing more phone work but in-person is a rare event these days. Even one of my local regular clients likes the email way 🙂

And I have to tell ya, it was really cool. And not just because she’s an awesome person with an interesting chart… it’s just cool to take it out into the world and to see the person. Another level/layer of energy.

On Twitter sometimes I chat with other astrologers and they can’t believe that I do so much email. But that’s my chart. I’m a writer. I write. 


What are you meant to do? Do you know? There have been different things at different times in my life that I felt I was meant to do but they always involved writing.

I remember being thirtysomething and thinking to myself: well, if I don’t have it all figured out by the time I’m 40, I’ll go back to school for psychology. I never did. Doesn’t seem to matter now.

In terms of life purpose, look to your North Node but also look to your Mid-Heaven. Actually there are other places you can look but revisit those two for now. Do they have anything in common?

My MC and North Node square each other which is something I often forget and this tells me that my writing, my Gemini Mid-Heaven, must be of service: my North Node is in the 6th House. I must do it every day (6th House is daily routines) and I must swim and serve, Pisces style, spiritually.


The Moon is in Sagittarius today and it’s been a good day. The Moon is going to square my Moon and Pluto but when it’s exact, I’ll be asleep 🙂


Also about your Life Purpose: consult your 4th House and your Moon (according to Rex Bills).


Sometimes I fantasize about living somewhere very remote. The other day I changed the name of this blog. It used to be called MoonPluto Astrology: Astro Help for the Emotionally Intense. And then at some point I added “and the unbearably happy.”

I took that last part away and added a new little phrase: Oracle at the Edge of the World because that’s how I was feeling one day even though New York City, although the cutting edge, is NOT the edge.


I feel that… your life purpose is something that… even if you couldn’t see it clearly, others could. Example: my sister telling me that I’m doing now what I always did. Comforting people. People coming to me for advice, so to speak.

There is something in YOUR life that you always were, always did.

What is it? 

And maybe you were discouraged from doing it, but it’s still there and it wants to come out to play and lucky you the Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of prophecy, belief, wanderlust. Truth.

Signing off from the Edge of the World 🙂


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