Monday Night Astrology (Eclipsing!)

It can be easy to give advice. It is harder to see your own blind spots, how you behave. You can be so sure… that you are on the right track until someone comes along and says, “Hey! Do you realize that you…” This sort of news can be shocking. This sort of news may be Eclipse-worthy 🙂

Sagittarius is the sign of prophecy. Now, I’m not saying all you Sadges out there know it all, but… sometimes it’s worth it to listen to the messenger. And when you hear some news and it feels like a punch in the gut. Well, that’s a sign.

Tonight I was going to write a post about an aspect I have and I was making a list and writing a draft and… suddenly I stopped and thought to myself: fuck. I don’t know how to work with this energy. Who am I to give advice to others on how to work with this energy. Yes, I have a lifetime of experience WITH this energy BUT… it had me by the balls. If I had balls, that is.

On the other hand though, everyone has their own rhythm, and what may be normal Cancerian sideways behavior for me may be endlessly confounding to someone else. It’s not that I’m bad or wrong. It’s not that you’re bad or wrong. It’s that… we can’t always understand. We don’t always listen. We take things… personally.

So, in preparation for Wednesday’s eclipse, do your best to… pay attention. Do your best to… not freak out 🙂 Do your best to… understand that this Full Moon eclipse is a motherlode of mutable firey energy. Who knows in what direction it will go.  And in the sign of prophesy? The truth will come out.

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