Monday Morning Astrology

"mars in virgo 2011
I grew up in the land of plantains

Home is on my mind today and not just because home is always on my mind (as a Cancer Sun) but because Mercury and Venus are heading to Sagittarius, my 4th House.

When you know where the transiting planets are in your chart, you know where you need to look, where you cannot avoid looking.  This is Spirit talking to you. 

Do you have morning routines? Things that you do, things that you eat, an order to your morning and if you don’t do it, you’ll be lost?  I don’t have a t.v. these days, but I guess for some folks there would be things that they must watch. I did have a talk-radio routine once but the hosts kept changing and my favorites were gone.

I have a loose morning routine. I need my coffee and I like to blog in the morning if I have the time. I don’t mind waking up early except if it’s for work.

The faster moving planets marching through my 4th is always a bit tense and I find myself hoping to avoid one of the universe’s curveballs. See, my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo is in the 1st so I’m gonna get squared, right where it hurts: me, my home.  Although I’ve moved around a lot (Jupiter ruling my 4th), as I get older, I move around less. Only when I’m forced to. And that has happened twice in the last 10 years. When will stability come?

Pluto is leaving my 4th, heading to my 5th.  Funny thing about Pluto: he can raze the field and yet… what grows then is better than before.  Well, in some instances 😉

So here we are. Winter began with a bang in the Big City. One of the cats is sitting at the feet of the heater. How magical! Is it a God?

My coffee is ready – I’m brewing the coffee my mother used to drink, Cuban coffee, along with a grain “coffee” I bought yesterday – made from chicory, cocoa, figs, dates, barley, peppermint. I drink it with half and half. Another sneak preview of Mars in Virgo: details details details.

I hear birds outside and music from upstairs, piano, and am wondering how the parents feel about their kid banging on that thing this early in the morning. Oh. It stopped. Guess they didn’t like it.

And my big plan this month is to revise a monologue from my play which will have a reading in early December. The Sun is still in my 3rd House of writing… and this project started to come together when Mercury and Venus had just entered Scorpio — it was/is a project back from the dead.

So welcome to the week, my fellow StarGazers. A special thanks to those who bought my first Planetary Round-Up. I hope it was interesting. I hope it soothed you. And the one for this week IS still available! It covers Sunday to Saturday so you are only a day late 😉

My goal is to write one each week (for purchase) and plan to make it more in depth and better and better. As I wrote before, it will probably be a bit more North Node in Pisces than what you see here.  I will talk about the planetary aspects and how to work with the energy, but also suggest rituals for the week and ideas for nurturing. Very yin.

Are you ready for November? Happy Halloween 🙂

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