Monday Moon Phase Alert! December 9th

First Quarter Moon is what it’s called but it looks like a half moon. It rises at noon and sets at midnight and this moon is seen a week after new moon.


You CAN set intentions for ANY phase of the moon?

I’m going to pull a card right now for a first quarter focus for you and me, and let me know in the comments if it fits!

6 of Wands! Oh my there is a little parade here in your honor. Are you feeling like a winner? Or under the weather?

I love the passion of the Wands suit and the SIX is one of my favorite Tarot numbers — it corresponds to The Lovers in the Major Arcana and Sefirah Tiferet (splendor, beauty) on the Tree of Life, which is the Sefirah of the heart and the heart chakra, and the idea that we (humans) already are AWAKE and can live with intention. Choices choices choices.

How can you live more fully from the heart tomorrow and through the month?

Love, MP

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