Mmmm Moon in Scorpio And The Stars Today!

"moon in scorpio"
Bruce Lee: Moon in Scorpio

Good Morning Stargazers! (Or good evening, good afternoon…). Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? I know it’s not official yet, but once August is done? Then I’m done with summer!

Living in the Big City, waiting on those subway platforms in 90+ temperatures sometimes, I have often wondered how I can still sweat — I should have run out of salt long ago and yet it keeps coming. And yesterday was a little warm but I think we are done with the Really Warm until next year and who knows? Maybe I’ll have moved to Alaska πŸ˜‰

But enough complaining about the weather; let’s talk about the Stars!

It’s a sweet day: listen, I’d be surprised if you felt the former Mars Saturn square at all. Whatever he meant to you is just a memory now πŸ˜‰ Shut the door, slam it, if you haven’t already. Now if you have this aspect in your natal chart, I hope you gained some insight into how to better deal with this aspect day to day. Usually when the sky repeats what we have natally, we REALLY feel it, and if we pay attention, we can learn something! (Oh dear I sound awfully optimistic this morning. Excuse me while I check on my Virgo MoonπŸ˜‰

The Moon in serious Scorpio is sextile (tongue twister!) Sun, Venus, and Jupiter as I write this and heading to trine Cancer Mars. It’s like a little river flowing by between the trees. Or a really intense river flowing by between the trees, a river obsessed with flowing. Scorpio Moon can be that way, you know? Scorpio anything. Deep focus.

Moon and Mars together blend feeling, mood, action. Whatever you do today? You’ll likely feel good about. I see in my head… it’s like a game, flipping over tiles or… flipping over cards. I flip them over and it’s harmony harmony harmony! Flow. I love that sound of cards being flipped over.What this tells me is that today the energy isn’t just flowing but FUN, which leads us to…

Mercury still in Leo, 21 degrees, moving towards an opposition with Neptune Rx (again). Remember this one? We went through this before, this aspect intrinsic to this retrograde period. Enjoy it while it lasts. If nothing else, imagine, dream, fantasize. Soon enough Mercury will step into Virgo and the dream will get the Virgo treatment heh heh heh.

Mercury will be in my 1st House so I’m hoping my writing here will pick up πŸ™‚ And I really don’t think I need to ask you to take out your chart and find your Virgo house, dear Stargazers because if you haven’t already, there shall be punishment!

Oh my! Sorry! That was the Moon in Scorpio talking, not me. The Moon in Scorpio can be vindictive on a bad day, punishing, sadistic even. Try not to make enemies with a Scorpio Moon, just sayin’. The memory of whatever they did to you, or didn’t do, will stay with you… all your days. If… you… still… have… days.

But seriously there’s a depth to Moon in Scorpio people that I love. Spending time with them is like jumping in a well of profundity and passion and splashing around. Except that the well is filled with blood. (Ba-dum-bum!)

Okay okay okay no more bad jokes. My pal Lupa has a Scorpio Moon trine Venus Cancer and if that ain’t sweet then my name ain’t MoonPluto πŸ˜‰

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