Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini!

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Not long after starting this blog, I started offering Mini-Moon Readings for New and Full Moons and Eclipses too!

Well, the Gemini Eclipse is almost here. Yes, this is a commercial 🙂

-15 minute readings, by email

-Payment by Paypal (see the links below for rates)

-the readings act as mini-transit reports, so to speak, but with a focus on the eclipse. I’m not so reporty though. My style is more personal.

-you don’t have to go with Astrology though. Can also do JUST TAROT, asking the Tarot “what will the Eclipse bring/remove” from my life…

-and of course my usual longer reading are still available by email OR PHONE


I did wind up having a bit of a vacation this week after all. I needed a slow week and slow it was but Mars is heading for my 1st House once again.

Mars in Virgo (Direct!) Challenge update: 2 weeks of no smoking. Had half a cigarette a week ago but that’s all.

I’m not doing any food restriction (no “diets” not even low carb which works for my body) and still working on my feelings around that. HOWEVER I am having my 1st boxing training tomorrow. It will be interesting… I will let you know whose face I imagine as I kick the bag 😉


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