Mini-Mini-Mini ‘Scopes For All Signs May 27th – 31st

Usually I look at the Stars first and then pull a Tarot card or two. Today I am going to pull the card first! Fun!

Shuffling shuffling shuffling……

From the Osho Tarot: EXISTENCE

Do you feel at home? Where do you feel at home? Everywhere? Somewhere? Nowhere? Is this world your home? Osho gives us this advice: go outside tonight and look at the stars.

In a nutshell, the fact of your existence has meaning. You are not some random dust mote or crumb from the loaf of… everything and everyone else! There is purpose to YOU. You may not feel this way, but it is true.

It is quiet in the Big City as I type this. I’m looking out the window. I hear the birds, I hear the wind, I feel the wind, it’s cool out. I feel peace outside and peace inside. I know I am not supposed to “attach” to this feeling so instead I observe it, I welcome it, I thank it, I am part of it, inside it.

If you do not feel peace, go outside and look at the stars, listen to them. Even if what you hear is… only your own blood. Start there.


I LIKE this week. Why? Because of GEMINI. Mercury + Venus + Jupiter all smooshed together and trining the Moon in Aquarius. Grand Trine for Libras hello!

Nice for you to discover where this Gemini crowd is in your chart. Look for 21, 22, 23 degrees Gemini. The luckiest among us have natal Gemini planets around those degrees. A trine or a sextile (to Gemini) may make you feel good but whether you see tangible “results” depends on what else is going on in your chart. Still, any good feeling is welcome 🙂

About this energy: just go with it. Don’t try to nail anything down or force outcomes or reactions. I feel it like a wave and it’s playfully pushing us along.

That said, I do believe it’s an important week for Sagittarius. A GOOD week for Gemini and Virgo. Hmm status quo for Taurus and Scorpio. You can coast. Leo and Aries: good. Pisces is a little stressed, under the weather. Cancer and Capricorn: depends what else is going on, chart-wise. Not a week to coast but not a bad week. Time to take care of unfinished business. Who did I forget? Aquarius? Thumbs up. Libra? Grand Trine for you this week with the Moon in Aquarius but I’m also getting a sense of unfinished business for you. Much to be done so stay organized.

Friday: Mercury enters Cancer and Mars enters Gemini. Goodbye Taurus until next year. I am not a summer beach bunny but I am SO glad we are saying goodbye to SPRING. We just loved all those Saturn oppositions, Taurus. Thanks so much 😉 Mars finally enters Gemini.

Keep in mind about Gemini Season: shape-shifting, options, multi-tasking, more than one, twinning, busyness, juggling, bigness (because of Jupiter), flirtation, social life, wit, talking and writing, clever people, fun, more thinking and less emotional intensity, short trips, INFORMATION, not so serious, a lighter touch, movement, activity, quick quick quick….

By Cancer Season, you’ll be home again so use Gemini Season to… flit about and plan your trip and get your ya yas out and know that in a month or so… a new chapter begins of a really REALLY awesome novel. This chapter was delayed while the author was on esoteric sabbatical and has now returned to the desk and the pen (yes, long hand writing!) to continue creating.

Okay okay one more card: COMPLETION

Not just a card of finishing touches but yeah a card of finishing touches. Putting it all together. The last pieces. Soon you will be done. You can celebrate or mourn. Or just notice the cycle you are in. Something coming to a close. It’s a puzzle piece represented on this card, fitting in to the third eye. Are you using your Guidance? Your Higher Self to make your Gemini decisions and indecisions? You CAN perceive MORE than you are at this time. Sometimes you stubbornly refuse to go higher.

What will you choose? 

Love, MP

P.S. Mercury will go retrograde in Cancer  this week so keep an eye out. He will be tricky. He will be crabby. Pay attention especially this weekend because your cancer story will start to unfold…


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