Mini Mid-Week Tarot!

"mercury trine uranus"The Word for Today is TEACH. Read on and you’ll see why…


Okay, kitties! You have way more than you realize. Way more resources. Way more people on your side. Support. Rely on them. This is the law of the Universe in your life at this time! The Authority figure in this card though may also be YOU. You are stronger than you think and more than strong, it’s… confidence that has been earned. Whereas in the past you shook like a tree in a storm, these days the game has changed. You can rely not just on others but on yourself. Saturn is leaving Libra this fall. What relationship lessons have you mastered???


And the more you realize this fact, the happier you will be and the more you will achieve the other cool stuff and dreams that you want to achieve. This is a Wand card here and reminds of Mercury trine Uranus today. Inspiration is coming.


Don’t forget to give. Don’t be afraid to give. Energy in, energy out. I know all this is new to you, this confidence, this money even. That it is REAL. You really can float down the lazy river, get up, dry yourself off, buy lunch for everyone. Fine, fine, be cautious but don’t be miserly. You really do have enough to give. You’ve taken good care of yourself lately, protecting your energy and resources but sometimes you have to let some air in, let someone else in because the more you keep yourself tight, the more it’s just you and your creation. Your creation needs friends 🙂

One card draw for overall Weekend Energy:

Oh yes. We like this card. The Magician. Now you know you can Google the meanings of these cards that I pull (which is also why I don’t like to identify them. I just like to write about them as I feel it), but this card is totally emphasizing the theme so far.

You: skilled.

You: in your element.

You: bringing heaven down to earth. Open your hands. Receive. Hold them up to the sky. Receive more. See this image in your mind.

And do good. Yeah, that’s part of it for me. Do good. Work hard. Be peaceful. Encourage peace in others.

Last night in Meditation Class, our teacher was reading something from the Edgar Cayce readings. All life is vibration. So align yours to something strong and powerful and GOOD.

I know I sound kinda preachy here but hey if you read the previous post then you know I’ve got my natal Saturn in the 9th House. My 1st Astrologer once told me that I would be a teacher in one way or another my entire life but the kind of teacher who scares the “bejezus” out of her students 😉

What kind of teacher are you? What does the Magician mean to you? How’s your week going? 

Love, MP