Milkshakes & More: Here Comes The New Moon In Cancer

"jupiter in virgo"So a client did ME a favor and I sent him an email today asking if he had heard back (from a person I hope to hear back from) and I realized that I was doing what I had advised him to do. Push forward. Not give up. Keep going. And I DID like his transits. Saturn in his 10th now. 10th House: STATUS, HONORS, FAME, KEEP GOING. Jupiter going higher and higher in the coming years (soon). Not dead yet. Career on the rise! Up up up UP!

My chart is changing too, transits + progressed chart Sun in a new sign and house and I’m entering the world again (slowly slowly) as Jupiter begins its climb OUT of my 12th House.

For all the good that transit did me, spiritually and magically, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH hashtag BYEHIDDENJUPITER. 

Is it a good week for reclamation? Moon is in Cancer as I type this. The Mother of All. The New Moon (EST) is at 9:24 pm. New babies, new life! For you! Mercury conjunct Mars in Cancer too. MOON SQUARE URANUS (wild). MARS MERCURY OPPOSING PLUTO. What happens next is anyone’s guess. OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE PLEASE. Please. This is a breakthrough in UNDERSTANDING (Mercury) but also “of the body.” Cancer rules the breasts and stomach. What have you been eating? Digesting? Who is feeding off you and is it okay with you? 

Moon in Leo Thursday and Friday AND ON SATURDAY VENUS ENTERS VIRGO for a short stay. She’ll look back. She’ll go back. TO LEO.

Sorry for the all caps. This is my Mercury Mars opposing Pluto voice. Big. Atomic. Mercury square Uranus on Saturday too. Moon also in Virgo over the weekend. Virgo Cancer Virgo Cancer Virgo Cancer.

"vesta in virgo"What do these details add up to??? I know I’m making a cholent here. 

First, a story.

Yesterday I was googling myself (yes I do this on occasion) and I came across a poem I wrote years ago that was an “honorable mention” in a poem contest which then of course made me search through my email for other old poems (of variable quality) 😉

That poem goes something like this:

Old Jews

Gold leaf feeling of a new fall morning
I’m at the bakery, buying breakaway challah
still fresh although it’s from Sunday
the lady behind the counter giving it a squeeze

The old Jews will die out and who
tell me who will replace them
in a neighborhood not my own
Grand Street, near Essex, Delancey not far
the Lower East Side mostly Chinese and Dominican now
(May they be inscribed in the Book of Life)

So I declare that the soul of this old Grand Street bakery
across from the mikveh (“ritualarium”the sign says) is eternal:
the blood and bones of my neshama
do not know from bacon and free will
from conch and every swarming thing
and Christmas lights
no matter how long or how I often I stray

Sing gold leaf feeling of a new fall morning, a sob is breaking in my body
Women in wigs, so often named Goldie, proclaim Shana Tova
it’s the New Year, and make heaven, be sealed in the Book of Life.


What do these details add up to? A portrait of a place. A long ago. Your long ago. These details add up to the past. Your past. There was a diner in your heart. There was a booth. You sat there. With your milkshake and your questions, so many questions for the cake. So many. You can go there now, you can..

But I digress.

Cancer rules the past, memories, regret, nostalgia, and milkshakes, and more. What do these details add up to? Where’s your old poem? Do you still have it? Will you search through your rooms for it? Time is passing and time heals. It’s not too late.

Setting New Moon intentions is magickal activity. Do it! 

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