Mercury Trine Pluto And The Donuts Of Desire

I love the way Howard Sasportas describes the Second House: “…not only what we value, but what we hope to gain in life.”

We are ALL having 2nd House transits these days because it is Taurus Season (Taurus Season opposing Saturn in Scorpio!) and you may be feeling the crunch there, along that axis. Insecurity. You may be feeling alone. You may be feeling broke, if not materially then spiritually. And when energies show up that are hard to manage, we have a few choices at the ready, right? We can hide. Or we can seek. We can pound our fist at the sky or we can renew our faith. Or both ๐Ÿ™‚ Those of you with Neptune in the 2nd know what I’m talking about. Faith is your currency.

The 2nd House: what you earn, what you own, what you desire to earn and own.

And then this: what you desire, or value, determines what you attract into your life (says Sasportas). Remember Taurus is associated with Venus. She’s not supposed to hunt. She’s supposed to intend and receive. More High Priestess, less Magician. That’s our Venus. But nothing is ever that simple.

Think about this, my friends. If your life is filled with what you do NOT want… you actually have something to do with that. You are projecting your desire out into the world. Look what comes back. Are you summoning joy and good? Are you summoning trouble? I’m not blaming you for your misfortune just gently reminding you that you aren’t powerless.

What planets do you have in your 2nd, natal or transiting? Anything opposing your 2nd, coming from the 8th?

Even though I’m done with my mid-life Uranus opposition, transiting Uranus in Aries still has a ways to go in my 8th. Years. He’s shooting his energy across that axis into empty space right now. I think he’s waiting for me to… create the next thing so that when Libra Season (my 2nd House) comes around again, he’ll have a place for his fire.

One other thing: folks of my generation, you may also be having a Uranus Chiron conjunction by transit.ย Some days you think you’ve got it all solved. Some days you haven’t a clue. Uranus is erratic energy. Shocking energy. Nervous energy. Destabilizing. Rubbing weird salt in the wound of all wounds.

My advice for this and other problems that arise in the next 24 hours can be found in the jewel of the Mercury Pluto trine,ย active now but exact tomorrow. Earth signs, Taurus to Capricorn. Stability of mind. Depth of mind. Clear concentration. Right thinking. Slow and steady. You can bend steel with an aspect like this.

And I really don’t know if the chakras are associated with the houses, but the chakras have been on my mind today, how I feel the Root and the Sacral symbols and and meanings overlap, at least for me. Mercury trine Pluto is most definitely balm for these two parts of your being, for the safety and security fears keeping you up at night.

Get comfortable in your seat, Pema Chodron says, before beginning meditation practice. Sounds like 2nd House/Taurus advice to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Get comfortable. Can you? Wherever you are? Find some peace and space and softness in whatever is rocking your world.

Love, MP

P.S. The donuts are just because it’s Taurus Season and lord knows I’d like one right now ๐Ÿ™‚


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