Mercury Trine Neptune: THE POET

"mercury trine neptune" This aspect is exact this Friday, November 6th:

I have this aspect in my chart so I know a little something about it, how the mind floats, makes connections, associations and yet…

how much do I REALLY know about it.

I mean, I have it so… how objective can I be? They say that about the Sun Mercury (conjunction) people as well – we lose objectivity. Whatever.

Mercury = mind, logic, rational, objective, facts, WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Immediacy. Immediate environment. NOT visionary (Jupiter is visionary. Neptune is visionary). Mercury is a secretary, an editor. I was always a shitty shitty secretary, administrative person, and believe me I TRIED. I probably wouldn’t be doing THIS job NOW if I had been GOOD at THOSE.

Mercury in Water = water logic. Not your mother’s Mercury. Not your father’s Mercury. Mercury of the ALIENS. I am not talking about Aquarius but a water Mercury is just… DIFFERENT. We hear. We hear music.

Neptune = water logic. Neptune is associated with PISCES.

Neptune = NO BOUNDARIES, the mystical, the Akasha, your womb (whether you are male or female you have a womb, the center of your generative creative energy).
Mercury and Neptune in good aspect DING DING DING DING you write poems, you hear poems, you sing, you make connections, you predict the future, you predict the past, you daydream, you find math interesting but hard to do, getting points on your SAT or GRE for writing in your name.

Notice how my blog posts aren’t like the other blog posts PER SE, aren’t like the other astroLOGICAL blog posts? I have Mercury trine Neptune and I can’t help but SING to you. I leave out information. I hope people just “get” what I’m saying and often they do! The ones that are “supposed” to, they do! Smart people usually get me, no problem.

Mercury Neptune isn’t “fast” the way we usually think of it. But it is deep. And it keeps going down down down deeper deeper deeper (until human voices wake us and we drown).

If you have this by transit, no doubt it’s disconcerting. You may think of that Pixies song: where is my mind. 

But trust me your mind is THERE, even more there than before, but it’s brocade now. It’s brocade, a noun of rich fabric, usually silk, woven with a raised pattern, typically with gold or silver thread.

Also, Mercury trine Neptune = words that heal.

Do you have a Mercury Neptune aspect? And? 

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