Mercury, Tarot, & My Own Little Gematria

I love the Mercury myth. Mercury guiding the souls of the dead to the Underworld. Is that a job you’d like to have?

I just did a little Tarot spread for myself and then asked my peeps if they ever did Mind/Body/Spirit 3-card spreads for themselves.

I’ve gone through phases where I didn’t read for myself at all. These days I am. The cards are accurate, resonant, and quick. And then come the surprises 🙂

One of my cards was The Magician, associated with Mercury. Another one was the 6 of Swords, which I love, and not associated with Mercury — far as I know, although I just read this card is associated with Aquarius . Swords definitely do represent the mind and the figures are being led across the water.

Two of my cards in this reading were sixes and The Lovers, from the Major Arcana, is also a six. This was not one of my cards but is associated with Gemini, also Mercury, often interpreted as presenting a choice to the querent.

In the Hebrew alphabet, the 6th letter is “Vav” which looks like a staff, a straight line, but with a little hook or hat on top. And doing my own little Gematria here: “Vav” is the consonant needed to create the word AND in Hebrew.

Thus, when you see The Lovers, when you see the sixes in Tarot, you connect to AND i.e. more than one. Something and something. Someone and someone. Could be choice. Could be cooperation. But you aren’t alone in your journey. There is you AND…

Do you read for yourself? 


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