Mercury Square Neptune For Mother’s Day

"mercury square neptune" Mercury square Neptune may not be an outright liar. Mercury square Neptune could be someone who keeps certain truths to him/herself 🙂

Venus opposition Mars could be an ambushy button pusher. Venus Venus Venus MARS! Nice nice nice BAM! When an opposition doesn’t find middle ground, she’s unbalanced. Overdoing one side. Or maybe this is the ultimate genuine peacekeeper.

These two energies are in play today along with the sweetheart Moon in Libra — and sweetheart Moon in Libra is dancing through the usual Uranus Pluto Mars Jupiter minefield so…

I decided to pull a card and how fitting: The Magician. Use your clever. Use your wits to enjoy this day. Boiling in a pot of emotion won’t get you anywhere except frustrated, confused.

For those feeling losses today I actually recommend NOT stewing. The Mercury Neptune fog can be hard to pull out of and tomorrow will be better anyway so… sail on instead.
Do something different.

Love, MP

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