Mercury Rx In Scorpio: Emotional Jelly

"saturn in scorpio"I have an obsessive feeling nature.

Pluto in my 1st House slingshotting its desire across the chart, to my 7th House of “you,” the other person, the (potential) partner.

And Pluto is conjunct my Moon: I feel intensely. Desire and longing. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes not. A life of craving.

And sometimes astrologers write about Moon Pluto as a sexy aspect. I can’t say that I feel that. Unless yearning for the space to be filled is sexy 😉

And this is, actually, a Mercury retrograde post in disguise. Mercury the Trickster. See how I did that? 😉

What To Do during Mercury retrograde, from the early degrees of Sagittarius, back into Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, passion and power:

We are told to review, to revise, perhaps even to re-do. There could be communication glitches, problems with our electronics, wonky results if you sign a contract, and so on. Okay. That’s fine. But metaphysically speaking, we are deep in Scorpioland now: Saturn, the transiting Node, the Sun, and Mercury retrograde.

And Tuesday brings the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio. This is a BIG new start for you somewhere in your life, chart. A jolt of… what? A jolt of magnificent desire. What do you want? 

The image I’m getting is of.. sticking your fingers in a pie (yes, I do have my Sun in Cancer, there is always an um food metaphor) and not being able to get them out. You get stuck as you penetrate the sticky place. I’ve been telling people there’s no sense in aggressively  begging for clarity now. What you can do is… see what’s there. In the goo. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who knows exactly what’s going on.

For me, Scorpio is my 3rd House. My mind. I spent the morning in a conversation with someone, trying to get (myself) unstuck and I’m not quite sure how I did. Hmm. One cool thing: this expedition into my Moon Pluto place (exposing it to him) got me knowing *him* better now. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t expect it.

We’re only in the first days though of this transit. There’s more to come.

What are you noticing so far? 



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