Mercury Retrograde, Vesta, And The Throat Chakra

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Earlier today I wrote about the upcoming Grand Trine in earth signs and the root chakra.

That this trine is an opportunity to, if nothing else, ponder your root chakra and its meaning, questions such as: do you feel secure. Why or why not? Do you feel steady?

And you can even leave it at that.

This evening I was lying in bed thinking about Mercury Retrograde (actually I was lying in bed reading about Vesta) and thought of the throat chakra.

Mercury rules the voice.

How you can use the upcoming retrograde period to meditate on such questions as: do you speak your truth? Why or why not? What are you afraid of? Were you heard as a child? Are you heard now? Why or why not? Who tries to silence you? 

Retrograde periods see to it that we go within. Grand Trine energy, on the other hand, is more, well, grand. Feels more public. Nevertheless, any extraordinary sky event, not that Mercury Rx is extraordinary but it doesn’t happen every day, is an opportunity to… explore, ponder, consider, meditate on, think about… your life and how you live it.

For Edgar Cayce, the throat chakra was associated with the thyroid.

Routinely being silenced, not being permitted to speak your truth, whether it’s by your friend, your mate, your country, your enemy, your own fear… being silenced, being voiceless, makes you feel hopeless.

Meditate on your throat chakra this Mercury retrograde with hope inside. That once Mercury turns direct and leaves Pisces for Aries, you’ll find words of fearless fire that suit who you are NOW. Unafraid. Not a child.

The goddess Vesta was the keeper of the hearth, the sacred flame, associated with Virgo (and Scorpio) so there is a Mercury connection here because Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Vesta in your chart shows your focus (among other things) just like your Mercury aspects show this as well.

Now Vesta is not associated with Aries but Mercury is in Aries now, a fire sign, will go retrograde in Aries, and Vesta guarded, tended the fire — see what I’m building here?

What I want you to take away from my Mercury trine Neptune musings is three-fold.

1. Mercury retrograde as meditative, especially due to the fact that he’ll rx back into Pisces

2. It might be interesting to meditate on your throat chakra and what it means for you and your natal Mercury


3. Vesta: what do you guard? what do you tend? on what do you focus? (And I’m pretty sure with you can find where your Vesta is)

And if this is way too much, just try not to sign any contracts or buy a new Ipad during the retrograde 😉


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