Mercury Retrograde: Travel Without A Map

"Mercury Retrograde"
Chet Baker: Let's Get Lost (for Mercury Retrograde)

Little Miss Mercury turns retrograde at just 1 degree Virgo. Just. One. Degree. You’re a tease, Mercury!

Mercury Retrograde is famously the time we’re not supposed to sign contracts or buy electronics and also the time we are supposed to RE i.e. REvisit, REdo, REvise, REview, REnew! Yes, renew your… connection to Mercury and Mercury matters: communications, writing, siblings, your immediate environment/neighbors, your hands, your nerves, your thinking, your 3rd house, your 6th house, the place where you have Mercury in your chart, any aspects it makes. What sign is it in?

In mythology, Mercury was able to travel to the Underworld and back out again, the only God permitted to do this. Mercury the Messenger, a cosmic mailman.

So here’s an exercise for ya: become Mercury this Retrograde period. Travel (3rd House) short distances (whatever that means to YOU) without a map, without a plan.

See, Mercury Rx may mess up your plan, BUT if you travel without one? Without a guide, without a map? Well, that’s the kind of trouble, or, freedom, the trickster wants from you. The freedom to let yourself get lost. Mercury in Virgo may not like getting lost but Mercury Retrograde in Virgo DEMANDS it. No plan!

Travel backwards in your mind in your Virgo/Leo House(s) and what do you find? What/Who do you need to revisit? Refine? REfind? REmember? Then go DO IT.

Mercury Retrograde (to paraphrase Robert Frost) is that guide who only has an interest in your getting lost. It’s okay, though. Really, it’s okay.

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