Mercury Retrograde Through My 12th House And The Death Girl (Part 2)

"Madonna Justify My Love"
Madonna has Mercury in Virgo

I was dog sitting this weekend and last night slept in the master bedroom, in the big bed, which I hadn’t done before. The reason I switched was because the big pit bull puppy (2 years old) was crowding me on the sofa, and I felt bad about kicking her off.

The bed reminded me of my mother’s bed, the apartment she lived in for years, before she died, talking about the early 1990s here. Nightstands too, like a proper middle-class bedroom. Alarm clocks. TV. Dressers. Everything lovingly perfect and clean.

This young married couple with their baby pit bull, so grown-up they seem to me. Are some people just born this way?

Mercury Retrograde is a 12th House journey for me. I suppose I should expect my dreams to tell me a story but I think waking life will give it to me too. I swear I felt the presence of my mother last night, which usually amounts to a feeling, a feeling of warmth, comfort, hard to explain. Like she’s surrounding me. But it’s not scary or eerie at all. Just… warm. And even warm is not the right word (says my achingly picky Virgo Moon Pluto) And I woke up feeling better than I had in days, even though I went to sleep melancholy, remembering her bedroom.

Ah I know what the word is: makif. A word from the Jewish mystics. To be surrounded, enveloped. I first heard this word in the context of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The way the Sukkah itself surrounds the person, protects them wombs them.

Where is Mercury Retrograde for you? What stories will you tell?

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