Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio: Squalor (Part 6)

I felt the descent into Scorpio Season almost immediately.

Mercury in Scorpio is retrograde in my Third House and my mind is going going going NOT GONE but good. It feels good. I’m reading, I’m writing, I’m thinking. But I also feel QUIET. Not sped up. Scorpio quiet. My mother was a Scorpio. She was quiet.

I’m also working my old job this week (pet sitting for clients I’ve known for years) which is also Mercury retrograde in my 3rd: travel, short trips, doing something I used to do, the past.

And I’d been thinking about J.D. Salinger because of a documentary we watched the other night and I’d never read him and I couldn’t get Catcher on Kindle, and while walking to Zabar’s from my client’s apartment, I passed by a big bookstore and decided to take a look to price check. Bought his Nine Stories and started one on the train and the story finished EXACTLY the moment the train pulled into the station at my home stop. From the West 90s to deep in the Brooklyn bowel I had company.

This is all very remarkable to me because I almost NEVER have a thirst for fiction. For today’s words NEVER. And last night I was reading a little Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections) and a little about shamanism and suddenly I wanted STORIES. I began to wonder if this has to do with my new marriage. I am RELATING and I want to read about relating and relationships and psychology of characters, witness their interaction — because all this is rather new to me. I was an orphan wolf —  now a wife.


That’s all for now… Back later with a post about the Tarot STRENGTH card. I’m all excited about this card today, since seeing it yesterday for a client and thinking about it in new ways…

Love, MP

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