Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio (Part 5): Sipapu

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio as shamanic journey and realizing that the people in your life are also entrances to worlds.

Listen. Say you have a love affair. It dies. You wonder what the purpose was.

Sometimes the purpose is: that person is portal, entryway so that you may begin the next part of your journey. You find this out later. You probably would have chosen NOT TO.

Mercury retrograde is a road unfamiliar and  familiar. That déjà vu feeling.

Advice: follow windy snaky sleight of hand Mercury retrograde like the shaman follows the tunnel to the outside. Then let the drumming (WHICH IS YOUR HEART BEAT) lead you back to us so you can talk to us, tell us the story of what you found there.

Throughout my life I have had images visions of tunnels, wading through them…

Last spring during Aries season, the beginning of Aries season, I visited an old high school friend across the country, and after returning could not make sense of WHY. I was searching for meaning. Pieces but no puzzle. He was not meant to be husband or… so what was he. This morning I realized that he and the Nevada landscape itself were not only knowledge and experience, but GATES. Had to go through the desert and the wasteland FIRST. And only then come home.

Love, MP

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