Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio (Part 4): Death Is Not The End But Let Us Live NOW

Mercury is retrograde: what questions are you asking?

Mercury is small:

they don’t have to be big questions. Cute little Gemini and Virgo questions 😉

Mercury flies fast, be quick: last night I asked my husband what (from me) would make him happy. Is that a little question? Maybe…

Mercury sees what’s right in front of it (compared to Jupiter which sees The Future) but with the retrograde you won’t.  You see what’s behind. You have to take the back roads.

Leave behind your “blessed rage for order” (apologies to Wallace Stevens). No need to untangle the bramble. Instead, climb it.

Mercury is retrograde: opportunity to look inside the (your) Scorpio treasure chest oooooh ahhhhh! Mask and magic wand and troubling memories and truth and consequences. The day of the dead is coming, the death card on his white horse is coming. Pull a card for yourself. Death is not the end.

Where Mercury is transiting (in your chart) is where you will find insight is where you can do psychic surgery get your hands bloody red, dear Scorpio lovers.

Many of us will have strange dreams this Scorpio Season. Do you usually? Last night I had a dream about giving Hanukah presents to my children, but I have no children. Or so I thought…

Happy changing of the guard 🙂 From Libra to Scorpio, around the wheel we go…

Love, MP


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