Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (Part 3): SEX

Everything embarrasses me.

In one of the chat rooms, I asked the group to describe (their experience of) sex in three words. Verbs, adjectives, articles, whatever!

And then we started talking about expectation of what we wanted sex to be vs. what sex was or is.

My first word for sex was “embarrassing.”

And then a gal used the word VULNERABLE and I thought that was, perhaps, more accurate.

But that Embarrassment was the sullen sister of Vulnerable. It’s a continuum.

I think most of us want to feel safe, especially at our most exposed and sex is an opening. It takes bravery to… not cruise along or space out or rush or do anything but FACE IT. Who is this person you are doing THIS with. And what is THIS. Define it. Yeah you bet I want to define it. And I will not stop trying. Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo in my First House. The Investigatrix.

But this blog post is about the EIGHT HOUSE. Do you live there or do you just visit? EVERYBODY has an Eighth House.

How important is sex to you? What is sex to you? Has it changed at all over the years? And can you be vulnerable without feeling embarrassed for your openness? For how much want it. Or for how much you don’t. Do you feel comfortable enough to make choices that will make YOU happy?

Typical Saturday around here, these types of questions. I hope you enjoy it. I do 🙂

Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio on Monday for three weeks, a perfect time to think about sex and intimacy (Scorpio-ruled topics). Also, CLICK HERE for Parts One and Two of my Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio series. 

Love, MP

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