Mercury Retrograde In Pisces, February 23rd

I was looking at a friend’s poems and haven’t read them deeply enough yet but told him he needed to write about sex.

Write about love, and loss, and place. Bloody it up. He has so much depth, passion. I know this. He always did. Even when we were in college. But he needs to dump everything our teachers taught us. I told him this too. I wonder where Mercury retrograde is for him. I never knew his sign until recently. Virgo he said. Capricorn Rising he said (so he thinks). I think how he writes has to change.

Mercury retrograde for me is 7th House and yes I am feeling it quite literally (partners, clients, dealing with more “others” than usual), and then I realize we’re still in the shadow period. It’s not even official yet but most of Pisces is my 7th House so this has been on-going since the beginning of the flood 🙂

What, if anything, are you experiencing? Is Pisces Season confusing for you? Overwhelming? Or do you feel calm. I alternate between panic and calm 🙂 Between Saturn retrograde reality checking and… immense Neptunian longing.

My friend just wrote me back. He disagrees with my assessment. He feels he hasn’t found his way yet, that he’s cerebral. His poems are cerebral. I tell him no. Capricorn? Virgo? EARTHY. WRITE ABOUT FUCKING. I didn’t actually tell him that but I know the world of his poems would split open if he would DARE. Eh. Capricorn. Conservative. But who knows what else lurks in the chart. He may have a Sun Pluto conjunction. Probably.

Mercury in Pisces is otherworldly intuitive. Easily spooked on a bad day. And retrograde? Double. Triple. Mercury retrograde in my 7th House: who is my partner? Who am I committed to? How many do I have? One? None? Ten? How do I get clear about it? Will I be able to? Do I just go with the flow, like Pisces does? Or do I enlist Virgo tactics and calculate the happiness odds?

What questions are you asking yourself? Where is Mercury retrograde in your chart?

Redo. Review. Revision. Revise. Renew. Mercury will trine Saturn again. Rebirth.


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