Mercury Pluto Mercury Uranus Mercury Mercury Mercury

"mercury square uranus" Again. We’re doing it again. Know the feeling?
You thought the transit was DONE.

Mercury conjoins Pluto tonight with Mercury direct and Pluto direct.
Mercury squares Uranus on Sunday,
direct direct direct direct WE ARE DIRECT.
Mercury is your mind.
Did you know Mercury rules BOYS? Mercury rules the breath. Your brain.

Venus sextile Neptune tomorrow, a dreamy oasis in the middle of your muddle of Mercury mindfuck FUCK PLUTO URANUS AGAIN?
Yes. Again.
We’ve done this before.
One last pass.
Here we go.

What to do with this energy? 

I’m just gonna leave it at that.


About the class which is happening in February not January.
From my Facebook and then a link to the blog post:

Class starts :::next week:::
Are you in?
The topic? VENUS & MARS
Calling all fence sitters who have contacted me!
Valentine’s Day is COMING!
We will be talking the LENGTHY Mars in Scorpio transit
and how it will affect YOU (and us all).
And we will go DEEP into Venus
and DEEP into Mars in your charts —
talking about the gifts and challenges you have due to these amazing energies.
Also I will be referencing a wonderful text from Sasportas and Greene.
(I LOVE his approach to Venus.)
Would love to touch on the Eclipses. Oy. The ECLIPSES.
I think we’ll have to squeeze it in even though it wasn’t a part of my original plan.
So we have our work cut out for us, yes.
It will be fun, chart heavy astro fun 🙂
Will there be Tarot? Maybe a smattering. I like to start with Tarot.
This link has the original blog post info, cost, etc.