Mercury Opposition Neptune: Coming To A Sky Near You!

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Mercury opposition Neptune calls up the Virgo/Pisces axis (and themes) in general.

“Calls up” is a fine figure of speech in this case since we are talking about Mercury the messenger!

And think of it like a phone call, okay? Mercury and Neptune are, will be, calling each other. Call and response. Dig? It’s the see-saw again, the opposition. Mercury in Leo vs Neptune in Aquarius.

Virgo (associated with Mercury) opposition Pisces (associated with Neptune). 6th House vs. 12th House. AND Neptune is 29 degrees, Aquarius, retrograde, one degree away from Pisces! The same themes keep overlapping and appearing. Read on…

Mercury opposition Neptune is applying now in the sky, meaning that Mercury, the fast mover, is on the way, moving, inch by inch, degree by degree, to perfect this aspect.

Virgo/Pisces is the axis of health (Virgo) and healer (Pisces) and really you could switch those terms around too although more often than not Pisces will apply to our spiritual health or lack of it i.e. our addictions.

So what happens when the health and healer axis gets kicked up in the sky? You guessed it! It’s gonna cause some rumblings and bumblings in you too. What kind? The Virgo/Pisces kind!

And to make it all even more groovy, Mercury rules Virgo, as you know, and Mercury enters Virgo, right after leaving Leo. Mercury is retracing his steps now, from the retrograde period. So as Mercury slides into home, we begin a new cycle, the aspect perfects (or is a degree or so off perfection) and the energy is tight in the sky and in us.

Who are you serving and why? And what serves you?

Do you think too much? Do you dream too much? Do you wait for life to happen? Mercury opposition Neptune asks you to do both: think and dream.

It’s kind of remarkable, don’t you think? Can’t you see it moving in your head? I mean, visualize the movement of Mercury. Picture your own natal wheel, Mercury moving along moving along moving along and… there.

Health (Virgo) and healer (Pisces). Form (Virgo) and freedom (Pisces). Remember Pisces’ original ruler was Jupiter and Jupiter wants us to be free.

Other binaries we can plug in here: earth and water, body and soul, matter and spirit. Outside and inside. Such is the nature of the Virgo/Pisces opposition. Reality and dreams. Edges vs merging. Finality vs forever. Worry vs. letting go and letting God.

So you see, no matter what else is going on in your chart or sky-wise, this aspect is a Virgo Pisces matter and a 6th/12th matter. Physical health/spiritual health. Being in the world vs the cloister.

And now to break it down even more (which truly is a Virgo activity – to chew, digest).

A well aspected Mercury is smart, clear and effective thinking. A well aspected Neptune is intuitive and compassionate.

Put these two together and you probably already have some images in your head of a true master: someone who uses their mind to serve, uses their body to serve, uses their hands to serve… not as martyr or sacrifice but as a gifted poet, messenger, who serves ALL of us. Someone who discerns (Virgo) and then gives (Pisces).

When Virgo or Pisces planets take difficult aspects, we may give too much or to the wrong people. We may sacrifice ourselves and become sick. When Mercury Neptune takes difficult aspects, our thinking is cloudy, confused. Something’s not right. We could be lied to. We could be the liar.We could dream too much or never dream at all.

Now think about Mercury in Leo (now in the late degrees). Mercury in Leo is creative and needs applause for its creations! Mercury in Leo is firey inspiration! Love and nurture those inspirations and they will grow! And if you are having trouble with your creativity, this aspect is FOR YOU. It could help OPEN YOU UP. Use the Mercury Neptune opposition to FREE (Neptune) your ideas (Mercury).

Mercury in Leo opposing Neptune in Aquarius could have you showing others how to think, or others showing you how to be inspired. Neptune is inspired and is inspiration.

So, friends, find transiting Mercury and transiting Neptune in your chart. Even when Mercury is in early Virgo, this opposition will still be active.

And remember: oppositions ask you to balance two forces, to do both. Use your inspired mind (Mercury in Leo) and use your visions, dreams and ideals for a better world or a better you (Neptune in Aquarius). Dream up (Neptune) something that fits the houses in your chart where this opposition is active!

This can be an awesome time for creativity and invention. Just make sure to part the clouds. Leave time for editing because Mercury will ask that you review what you’ve created and make a choice. That’s okay because you’ll be able to dream again after.

Also check if your natal Uranus is involved with this opposition because that will up the ante for you personally in terms of creativity and invention and bright ideas!

For me? 12th House/6th House is where this opposition will be taking place. Could work be any more confounding for me these days? Perhaps πŸ˜‰ But not just that, I am way being called into service lately, either by helping people who contact me through the blog, with astrology, or the animals that I work with, old dogs, dying dogs, sick cats: very 6th House/12th House. I’m also being asked to WORK and do better (Virgo).

Bottom line: the opposition aspect wants you to take turns and then to find union. But before union is possible, you have to come together πŸ™‚ Think dream think dream think dream walk sleep walk sleep walk sleep.

From my corner of the world to yours, I hope this post made you think (Virgo) and imagine (Pisces) some of the possibilities. Now go get your chart and… close… your… eyes.

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