Mercury Opposite Neptune: Remembrance Of Things Past. Sort Of.

"venus square neptune"
Anais Nin had Venus in Pisces

One of my readers wanted me to write more about the drunk ex-boyfriend that I made reference to in a recent post. Well, since Mercury (talking) is Retrograde (the past) in opposition to Neptune (drunk), I may as well!

I remember a house party, college days, and this was before he was my “boyfriend,” if he ever really was that, and he was sitting in one of those big papasan chairs, very drunk and I don’t remember what I was trying to talk to him about. Yes, I am the type of person who tries to talk to drunk men, and I remember I was sitting at his feet and he grabbed a handful of my hair, not wickedly, but to make a point and he said to me,”It’s not that I don’t think you’re beautiful…”

And I think he was talking about getting engaged (to someone else.) Or that he was already married. Can’t remember. And to add more to the story it was actually a friend of his who I had a brief lovely painful affair with (I wanted more than an affair but he was English and heading back and in the states visiting his friends) and…

That was Peter. Peter and I met a few days before Halloween. I bummed a cigarette from him out on the big green lawn where everyone hung out in between classes. Or maybe he bummed one from me. He had a rooster tattoo on his arm. We met again at a Halloween party at the local punk rock club. I was wearing a green velvet dress. I was… 21. He went home with  me that night. I fell in love with him. And he practically lived with me for the next week or two and I felt I had met my match, my MoonPluto match although I knew nothing about his chart, didn’t know his birthday, but I remember how I felt: alive and that I’d met my other half.

Let me know if you want me to finish this story…

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